Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tips for Buying a Quiet Hair Dryer

Tips for Buying a Quiet Hair Dryer

Munich - When shopping for a hair dryer, two things to bear in mind are weight and noise level,
according to Germany's product testing organization's southern facility in Munich. A noise level of 85 decibels is an important limit to consider.

Otherwise the hair dryer's sound can be
annoying. A very quiet model, on the other hand, can be a problem because it could indicate that it has less capacity. When it comes to the dryer's weight, there is a clear limit. If a hair dryer weighs more than 1 kilogramme, then it is too heavy for practical use, the product testing organization said. Most users consider a weight between 500 and 600

grams acceptable. It also should have two separate
switches for air and heat, and these switches should be easily manipulated. The remaining criteria are

actually meant for special uses. Someone who travels a lot may want to
select a hair dryer whose handle rotates for easier storage in a suitcase. Another feature available on some hair dryers allows a switch of the mains operation so that the hair dryer can be used effectively on US electrical current.